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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Guest Post: The Lie That Is Social Security | ZeroHedge

Government entitlement programs created out of Washington were not only a demographic indulgence that is unsustainable, but are completely stupid ideas. How a program like this can be managed without misdirecting resources when everything that is done on a communist central planning platform, is something that will never ever work. It will definitively go bankrupt, politicians cannot stem the bleeding prior to collapse and it will also take down the US government in the process. I will not miss the US government, the leviathan of evil's time has passed.....

100% of the taxes collected in the US today are paid out to entitlement recipients before anything else is spent on such things are defense, courts and hosts of other things that are true functions of a government.

In less than a decade, people that paid money into the system will not receive what they were told that they were entitled too. And then they will demand that their children, that DID NOT vote in the people that promised or even, in some cases, understand what obligations that are being coerced to meet, will be saddled with this stupid and unfair Utopian and socialist redistribution plan drawn up decades earlier.

Guest Post: The Lie That Is Social Security | ZeroHedge


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