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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Review & Outlook: Hope Over Experience - WSJ.com

And socialism over economicly free people....
These columns have viewed this election as more consequential than others for a single reason—ObamaCare. Tax rates do economic damage when they rise, but they can be cut again. Regulations can be adapted to or phased out. Spending can be cut. But the Affordable Care Act will spread like termites in the national economy and public fisc. Mr. Obama will no doubt use his second term to consolidate this liberal entitlement dream, with its ultimate goal of single-payer health care.

Some of our conservative friends will argue that Mr. Obama's victory thus represents a decline in national virtue and a tipping point in favor of the "takers" over the makers. They will say the middle class chose Mr. Obama's government blandishments over Mr. Romney's opportunity society. We don't think such a narrow victory of an incumbent President who continues to be personally admired justifies such a conclusion.
I think that the final thought quoted above is totally wrong. The nation has experienced a steady decline of people seeking opportunity and instead expect something to be handed to them. Takers are becoming the norm in the United States and Romney was 100% correct in saying that the 47%, the takers, will never support a candidate unless that candidate promises something for nothing.

Review & Outlook: Hope Over Experience - WSJ.com


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