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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Left’s Flip-Flop on the Bush Tax Cuts — The American Magazine

Its really time for the middle class to pay their fair share of taxes. As we have all been told, the Bush tax cuts were the tax cuts for the rich. However, this actually may not be true at all...surprise surprise. It amazes me the prince Obama was being dishonest when he described the Bush tax cuts as a tax cut for the rich. It appears now that since taxes are going to go up for the rich that they are also promising to go up for the middle class too....
In other words, if the Bush cuts actually were just “tax cuts for the rich,” then their expiration couldn’t hurt the middle class. On the other hand, if their expiration would hurt the middle class, then characterizing them as “tax cuts for the rich” was a false message all along.
So maybe we should start saying "tax the high achievers" instead of soak the rich. So here we go, higher taxes on everyone and the Obamessiah and the Democrats want to go over the fiscal cliff so they get their so much desired tax increases on the rich. Good luck! Its a juvenile economy for a juvenile people ruled by juveniles.

Personally, I think that the middle class should pay for their government, for all of the wonderful services that they are designed to benefit them. All of the stuff that they need that they could not possibly get for themselves and that only the gobermint can deliver to them efficiently and effectively.

The Left’s Flip-Flop on the Bush Tax Cuts — The American Magazine


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