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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Real Crisis: "People Have Lost Trust In The Government And The Market" | ZeroHedge

So, if this is true, then why is the stock market going up?
but summed up best by a former stock analyst's comment that in order to buy stocks "You have to trust your government. You have to trust other governments. You have to trust Wall Street, and I don't trust any of these."
The US government is trying to tell people that they are caring for them, like a benevolent dictator cares for his people, the leviathan will provide in old age, protect them and meet all of the needs of the people. Be everything to everybody. But the folks know deep down that this is impossible and that central planning and collectivism creates poverty and destitution. Furthermore, the Central Bank is printing money that completely obfuscates the value of prices in a market place. What is money worth if it is in unlimited supply? Wall Street? Who cares it will support whatever beast that puts food on the table. Money has no morals just a desire to create a return. But Wall Street will support the government do its bidding until the foundations crumble.

Well, the US government now is like a cornered animal. They have created a fantastic mess and some people are coming to recognize that there is not an easy way out. The American government will default either on its debt obligations or its obligations to its people. So why buy stocks or invest for the long term when it is abundantly clear that the future has fantastic problems to overcome?

The people were stupid to reelect the prince. But they are showing their true colors by shunning investments in equities and allow the leveraged players to take them on.

The Real Crisis: "People Have Lost Trust In The Government And The Market" | ZeroHedge


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