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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The American Spectator : Sowell, Race Hustlers, and David Hume

The cost of multiculturalism for the 'cultures' that are supposed to be benefiting is high. In my opinion, it results in laziness and is an excuse for failure. Thomas Sowell, an American treasure, has this to say about the 'race industry'...
One of the things that happens with organizations over a span of time, they’ll start out with a good purpose and over time evolve into self-serving organizations with negative consequences. The Race Industry tends to promote solutions that enhance the power of those in the Race Industry, regardless of whether the policies help the people the Race Industry claims to speak for. In some cases those solutions may actually be counterproductive, such as affirmative action.
Sowell points out that throughout human history, knowledge is produced in certain languages, such as English and German. Even those from other language cultures, such Czech or Gaelic in order to learn this material, had to gain abilities in these languages in order to succeed and they succeeded when they adopted this. However, the multiculturalist and race hustlers give equal value to Ebonics and street languages as they do do proper English. It is shackle for folks to buy into this nonsense.

The American Spectator : Sowell, Race Hustlers, and David Hume


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