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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Study finds less religious states give less to charity – USATODAY.com

Its no surprise to me that blue states are more stingy with their money than red states.
The Northeast, with lower religious participation, was the least generous to charities, with the six New England states filling the last six slots among the 50 states.

The study also found that patterns of charitable giving are colored in political reds and blues.

Of the 10 least generous states, nine voted for Democrat Barack Obama for president in the last election. By contrast, of the 10 most generous states, eight voted for Republican John McCain.
Democrats are more stingy than Republicans? Oh my. I am not at all surprised. Democrats think that they are doing something by seizing other people's property and give it to their favored recipients than actually getting their hands dirty and doing it themselves.

Holier than thou Democrats are nothing but silly stoopid hypocrites.

Study finds less religious states give less to charity – USATODAY.com


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