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Friday, July 26, 2013

Japan Food And Energy Prices Rise; All Others Drop | Zero Hedge

Government central planning promises to impoverish the people while destroying the fabric of normal people's lives. The great plans of government bureaucrats to stop deflation which will somehow make teh economy more efficient and productive, will only increase costs of inputs for businesses that will not be able to pass price increases onto consumers. Since consumers will be paying much more for food and energy, their standard of living will fall....
At the component level, electricity prices rose by 9.8% yoy (nationwide) and gasoline prices rose by 6.4% yoy (nationwide) (15.4% yoy and 10.2% yoy respectively in Tokyo)... However, prices in a broad range of areas such as housing rent, recreation, furniture/household utensils and medical care still show price declines from a year ago.
This is the same kinds of bad ideas that the US government is attempting. Avoiding pain and promising teh people something that they will never be able to deliver.

Japan Food And Energy Prices Rise; All Others Drop | Zero Hedge


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