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Monday, July 08, 2013

Work nos. just aren’t working - NYPOST.com

The downside of state central planning is that most of the time, the economy does not respond as planned....
Little wonder: The monthly payroll survey shows that just 130,000 full-time jobs have been added so far this year, versus 557,000 part-time positions.

Meantime, at least 2.7 million Americans work a temporary job. With 12 million Americans officially unemployed, 8 million involuntarily working part-time and 2.7 million juggling temp positions, a fifth-grade math student could tell you that more than 20 million of us don’t have a job in the traditional understanding of the term.
When you force employers to pay more, folks naturally respond to economic incentives. However, who would have thought that employers would have responded en-masse to gigantic costs associated with employing workers under a state mandated health system? Anyone with half a brain would have known that. But of course, not the Democrats when they were forcing this down everyone's throats.

The funny thing with this is that we are seeing the unraveling of the welfare state in Europe before our very eyes, we are seeing the life being drained out of the USA's economy and we somehow celebrate it as a victory? Just wait till the central planning runs off the rails when the central bank finally puts and end to easy money. Then we will all see the price that we have paid for stupid government intervention.

Work nos. just aren’t working - NYPOST.com


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