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Monday, July 14, 2014

Discrimination is Un-Christian, Too - NYTimes.com

No surprise that you will find a piece of nonsense in the New York Times. This person argues that government forcing companies to offer a specific good or service, in the case of the recent Hobby Lobby case, abortifacient drugs, represents coercion by the Christians and this coercion is therefore un-Christian. The supposed coercion on the part of Hobby Lobby is....
"This is economic coercion. Opponents to the contraceptive mandate have insisted that women remain free to purchase whatever health care services they choose, but this is woefully insensitive to the reality that low-income women and families face. For these women, there is a very large difference between what is available to them for purchase in principle and in effect."
See, to the hard left, the government edict camel is deemed to have passed through eye of the needle and that everything necessarily has to conform completely to the needs of these not seen and nebulous 'poor people'. This is what the socialists and my family members time and again cite, the supposed interests of the 'poor people' to justify almost any intrusion of a national government into the lives, decisions and fabric of American life. To me, this attitude suspends intellect and is really some kind of disease. This love of big central government is tantamount to embracing something that is not human, government being the being that cares for you, looks after you protects you and feeds you is almost satanic. But they do it all the same, blindly repeating... the 'poor people'.

Furthermore, its really quite disgusting, that the New York Times, that hostile to Christians feels compelled to print opinion that scolds Christians on their Christianity. The newspaper really rests on feeble moral ground here.

However, the NYT would never dream of scolding the Big Brother government on forcing private people or businesses to offer any good or service. This is the real coercion going on here. Don't trust the government and I will fight it to my death.


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