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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

McKitrick paper: no warming for 19 years.....

With the science against the faith it has so frantically promoted, the UN searches for someone who will turn the debate. Note well: it’s looking for someone who isn’t a scientist but who can play on guilt, racial politics, gender politics and victimhood:

The UN is not interested in science, it is not interested in somehow protecting the planet, it is only interested in creating a power structure that allows them to both strip money out of countries that have money and to give greater authority to countries that have not earned it.

Science i a tool that the UN is leading and directing to create for it the authority to wield power well beyond what it is intended for or capable of.
The following quote encapsulates the current method of the UN to try to rally nations to support their boondoggle....
The United Nations is looking for a young woman to, as BBC put it, be the ‘Malala’ of the climate change movement, serving as a voice that will energize this September’s climate change conference.
The organization has put out a call for a woman under 30 to speak at the opening session of the 2014 Climate Summit, which is being held on September 23 in New York City. The woman has to be from a developing country and must have a background that includes advocacy on climate change or work on implementing climate mitigation or adaptation solutions. So far, the call for applicants has drawn 544 women, who emailed short videos of themselves persuading world leaders to act on climate change to the Secretary-General’s office.
The UN has outed itself with this stunt. Its criteria ensure no leading climate scientists need apply. See, this is no longer about science at all.
This kind of nonsense plays well with Democrats and Europeans that love redistributionist methods like this since it ensures them money to fund their politics and gains them much greater power than could ever earn in a non-coercive environment.

McKitrick paper: no warming for 19 years | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog


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