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Saturday, December 10, 2005

China Hiding Bird Flu Cases.....

Up to its old tricks, according to a researcher, China is covering up outbreaks of bird flu...
"Quite honestly, some provinces have the virus and they still haven't announced any outbreak. I can show direct evidence, even though China is still trying very hard to block my research. The government doesn't do any surveillance studies, but they say there is no outbreak."

He gave the example of Yunnan province, in southwestern China, which shares a border with Vietnam. More than 90 people have died from the bird-flu virus in Vietnam, yet the Yunnan officials denied any outbreak of bird flu in their province until Nov. 17. In reality, the virus has been circulating in Yunnan for months, according to Dr. Guan's data.
Up to its old tricks, China officials natural reaction to anything is to cover-up and lie not matter what the consequences are. It is only natural to assume that if they do this for such a serious global health situation that they also lie and cover-up in most everything else that they do. Never trust the Chinese government for anything.


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