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Sunday, January 15, 2006

China Discovered America In 1418....

Besides inventing golf, gunpowder and sending men to the moon in 1844, China also mapped the US in 1418 leading reseachers to believe that Chinese explorers discovered the new world nearly century before Christopher Columbus.
The map, which shows North and South America, apparently states that it is a 1763 copy of another map made in 1418.
Of course, the belief that the map makers accurately depicted the earlier map has to be believed since there is no known copy of the supposed earlier map. Otherwise, the earlier map would be the subject of the story.

Really, if the Chinese really did go to the New World in 1614, you figure that they would have brought back tobacco given how much that they love the cancer sticks in the middle kingdom of today.

Is there nothing that the Chinese of old did not discover, invent or build? I wonder what Chekov would have to say about that? If there is a new Star Trek the guy that makes all the wild claims has to be Chinese.


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