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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Islam, The People Want To Die...

Muslims are just plain crazy...
"Martyrdom, for us, is our school, our ideology, our heart and our prayer," says Mullah Hassan Ali Ahangaran, a religious consultant to the Martyrs' Museum in downtown Tehran. "It allows the continuation of Islam. The blood of the martyr revitalizes our religion."
I wonder how the blood of your young men revitalizes a religion? You mean God wants all of this to happen?
It's that kind of zeal, western observers worry, that helps to transform a natural respect for the dead into suicidal attacks on the living.
Islam sure appears to be a death cult, doesn't it?
A "Commemoration of Martyrs" organization reportedly is orchestrating a new and large-scale campaign to recruit suicide bombers against Israel and the West. Mohammad-Ali Samadi, a spokesman for the organization, was quoted as saying that 50,000 Iranians had signed up for "martyrdom-seeking operations," and of these, 1,000 had been "organized into garrisons."
If they insist on dying, then it will be difficult to stop them. So we are duty bound to kill them first, for our children's sake. Unless someone has some other workable plan. The only hope is that some voices of moderation in Islam come out and straighten these frightening animals out.

I predict that there will be conflict in Iran sooner than we think. If there isn't and Iran gets the bomb, they will detonate one in Isreal and then try to do Europe.


At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mullahs and nukes .. is that a good combination



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