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Friday, January 06, 2006

Iran's Desire To Build Nuclear Arsenal Should Be More of A Worry To Everyone....

The dithering Europeans have further evidence that Iran is seeking nuclear bomb capabilities...
Iran has been combing Europe and former Soviet states for materials and expertise for potential use in making atomic bombs, according to a leaked intelligence report likely to heighten tensions over Tehran's nuclear drive.

British, French, German and Belgian agencies pooled findings in a 55-page report used to brief governments of the European Union, three of which are conducting talks with Iran in an effort to rein in its nuclear-fuel development program.
Europe will continue to try to goad the Iranians into giving up their ambitions, but since Europe would never use the stick, it is probable that this strategy will be a failure. Then they will leave it up to the Americans and the Israelis to do the dirty work and complain that we did it all wrong. Dopes.


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