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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

China Again Chooses The "Low" Road In The Genocide In Sudan....

No surprise for a country that treats its own citizens like chattel, but China has again blocked UN intervention in the genocide taking place in Sudan...
China and Russia last night thwarted a year-long diplomatic drive by Britain to impose United Nations sanctions on the perpetrators in of the violence in the Darfur province of Sudan.

The two powers, joined by Qatar, used their position on a UN sanctions committee to block the imposition of a UN travel ban and asset freeze on four unnamed Sudanese, including one government official, proposed by Britain.
Not one word on this in China's official news agency, Xinhua. And nothing in China Daily on it either. For the Hong Kong newspapers, The Standard is self-censoring like a good sucking up newspaper should do, and no mention in the tool for real estate tycoons newspaper, unlinkable South China Morning Post.

So, I guess that the news organizations were told not to report on this matter to there own public, despite it being an overt action by China [and the increasingly autocratic Russians] to stop intervention by the UN where hundreds of thousands have died.

It goes to prove two things to me. First is that the UN is really just a useless organization that gives false hope. And secondly, that China foreign policy is misguided towards purely commercial interests. According to the Washington Post...
Sudan is China's largest overseas oil project. China is Sudan's largest supplier of arms, according to a former Sudan government minister. Chinese-made tanks, fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades have intensified Sudan's two-decade-old north-south civil war. A cease-fire is in effect and a peace agreement is expected to be signed by year-end. But the fighting in Sudan's Darfur region rages on, as government-backed Arab militias push African tribes off their land.

China in October signed a $70 billion oil deal with Iran, and the evolving ties between those two countries could complicate U.S. efforts to isolate Iran diplomatically or pressure it to give up its ambitions for nuclear weapons. China is also pursuing oil in Angola.
These guys embrace every two-bit dictator and high risk regimes like Iran, formerly Iraq and the useless Zimbawean government led by the silly President Robert Mugabe.

China's obtuse foreign policy coupled with insanely difficult tax structure will lead the country down the path towards quickly becoming another France, good food but not a place one would want to live. It will be the quickest big rise and fastest fall of fortune for a country in history.


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