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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Cancelled BBC On My NOW Broadband Subscription....

I did not like their coverage of the Gulf War and disliked much of their coverage of Iraq. They really lost me when I felt like their news coverage had an anti-American slant. So I exercised my little bit of economic power and did not renew them. I am sure that they will feel the loss of the HK$ 8 or so that the subscription costs and will probably have to fire 30-40 people as a result. [They also publish garbage like this "Becoming Israel's greatest enemy." Who do they mean is the greatest enemy? The BBC maybe? This piece is absolute trash, not news but drivel. Any journalist should be ashamed of putting his byline on this.] Instead of the BBC, I subscribed to something much more important and valuable to life in today's modern world, E!

Also, I have never liked CNN's coverage that I think had declined in value since the 1st Gulf War. When Zain Verjee constantly made faces [the kind of scrinchy nose faces as if she was smelling something not so nice] when reporting some news stories, it seemed like commentary to me, that I disdain from talking heads, despite my enjoyment at watching her since she is so very nice to look at. CNN now comes across as just another bunch of sleazy and snotty leftist reporters. I do like Richard Quest, though. There is just something.... fun about him. And Jim Clancy makes we want to jump out of a window everytime he opens his mouth. He is so depressing.


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