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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Is Iran Testing Israel Before Committing To Attack Themselves?

I am not to sure how this would take place since getting a powerful enough army by US occupied Iraq and through he Middle-East undetected would be a difficult task. But this fellow thought otherwise...
Tehran is using Hezbollah's confrontation with the Jewish state to test the abilities of Iranian weapons and to observe Israeli military capabilities, Lebanon's Druze leader Walid Jumblatt charged in a WorldNetDaily interview yesterday.

Jumblatt also said he fears Syria will take advantage of the growing crisis in Lebanon to reassert its influence in the country and convince the international community Syrian domination of Lebanon is crucial to the stability of the Middle East.
But he also explains that this conflict presents the perfect opportunity for Syria to reinsert itself in Lebanon, but I am not exactly sure what benefit Syria gains by doing so.

The fellow making these comments is a Druze rhymes with Jews and his surname is Jumblatt. Blatt is a common suffix on Jewish names such as Greenblatt and Goldblatt. But what the heck is a Druze?
In Lebanon, Syria and Israel, the Druze have official recognition as a separate religious community with its own religious court system. Their symbol is an array of five colors: green, red, yellow, blue and white. Each color pertains to a symbol defining its principles: green for "the Universal Mind", red for "the Universal Soul", yellow for "the Truth/Word", blue for "the Antagonist/Cause" and white for "the Protagonist/Effect". These principles are why the number five has special considerations among the religious community; it is usually represented symbolically as a five-pointed star.

Although often officially recognized as Muslims, most Muslims do not consider them Druzes and most Druzes do not consider themselves Muslims.


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