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Monday, August 07, 2006

Democrats And Republicans Are Different....

According to a Washington Post poll, half of the respondents believe tat the US should still align with Israel. However, Republicans were firmer supporters of this alignment than Democrats, and this is no surprise to me. Either the Democrats want to sell Israel out to the Arabs as appeasement or just are not prepared to fight to keep our way of life.
Overall, 50% of the survey's respondents said the United States should continue to align with Israel, compared with 44% who backed a more neutral posture. But the partisan gap was clear: Democrats supported neutrality over alignment, 54% to 39%, while Republicans supported alignment with the Jewish state 64% to 29%.
But I think that this guy has gotten it right on his observation....
"I feel badly for Israel. They don't run around looking for trouble, but they are constantly being harassed and attacked by Hezbollah," said Rick Poleck, 54, of Huntingdon, Pa., a poll respondent.


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