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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weighing In On Mel Gibson.....

I hate doing this, since I think that most, if not all Hollywood actors and actresses are ill deserving of our time particularly when they are chattering about politics. Who cares what Johnny Depp or others think.... about anything. Other than offering a convenient pretty talking head, what do these people offer as far as experience or scholarly contemplation of the day? Let me venture to guess, that they offer very little.

So Mel Gibson said some unfortunate things in a drunken rant that got incredible press coverage. Too bad for him. He did more damage to himself than to any ethnic or racial group, in my humble opinion. Despite it being inexcusable, these things happen. Hopefully sensible people learn from these mistakes. But more importantly to me, and the point that I want to illustrate here, is that I didn't care about his or any other entertainer's politics, prejudices, religious affiliations, club memberships, thoughts and most of the other personal landscape issues before, and I still don't care what they or he thinks now. What these imbeciles think is a fantastic waste of time and energy and risks diverting attention away from the real issues that we as Americans need to tackle. Also, if entertainers offend, we can deal with them by not supporting their product. Its as simple as that.

What is most disturbing to me, is that it appears that there has been much more press commotion surrounding Mel Gibson's drunken rantings, than the crazed Islamic man that walked into a Jewish synagogue in Seattle a few days ago and shot unarmed women in cold blood, murdering one.

Why is it that we try to excuse the behavior of twisted Muslims killers and vilify people like Mel Gibson? If Mel Gibson is guilty then there are lots of others that should be treated in a similar vain.

There are a billion Muslims wandering this earth and it appears to me as if there are many more of them that are prone to violence targeted against unarmed civilians, whether in Seattle, Madrid, London, Iraq, Bali, etc. in such situations such as in Seattle than there are non-Muslims that do these things to Muslims in those same countries. Why is it that the outrage is directed so ferociously towards Mel Gibson, Israel, George Bush, The USA than to Iran, Hezbollah or such strange hateful groups such as the Islamic Thinkers Society [not much thinking going on there these days].

The reason that I think is that people are afraid to confront Muslims on their twisted way at approaching the world. When at risk, people strike out at ones that will not arbitrarily strike back. People are afraid of Muslims, they are terrorizing people, and as a result, people feel compelled to strike back. So they do at those that won't hit back. Its like going home and kicking the dog when one has a bad day at work. This behavior itself is disfunctional and will only cost us in the long-run.


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