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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Muslim Shoot Defenseless Jews In Seattle....

A Muslim shoots a bunch of woman in a synagogue and kills one in Seattle....
Police stepped up security at Seattle synagogues and mosques on Saturday, a day after a Muslim man who said he was angry at Israel shot dead one woman and wounded five others at a Jewish center.
Muslim shoots women. Muslims are such weak people that they have to go and shoot women. They hide behind women and children when they have armed conflict and shoot defenseless women in their place of worship. This is how sick Muslims are. A terrorist? You betcha. But as I was reading today, these sickos that are murdering people really aren't terrorists since terrorism is a tactic. They are Muslims. They are nto terrorists but Muslims that use terrorism as a tactic. Our problem is with Muslims.
The problem of this misnaming of the war manifests itself in many ways. It allows opponents of the liberation of Iraq to claim that it had nothing to do with the war, because somehow "terrorist" has been rendered synonymous with Al Qaeda and bin Laden, and as we all know (at least those of us fundamentally and perhaps willfully ignorant of the actual history), Al Qaeda would have nothing to do with Saddam, and vice versa. By focusing exclusively on the "terrorists" that are Al Qaeda, it obscures the much larger enemy. And it allows the "authorities" to absurdly claim that the Pakistani who just went on the shooting spree in Seattle isn't a "terrorist," because he didn't bring along his Al Qaeda membership card and decoder ring.
They hate us, not because of Israel or other things that we may say or do, they hate us because of what we are. Successful. Muslims hate us because Muslims are a bunch of losers. Then they turn around in their failure and they try to blame us for their failure. They hate Israel because the Jews took a little chunk of desert and were able to make something nice and wonderful for themselves there that the Muslims were not able to achieve anywhere else. The Jews were able to transform their little piece of desert into an oasis of success. What Muslims society has been able to achieve anything of note other than extracting oil out of the ground?

Do Muslims and their societies add anything to the world of learning or science? Not in along time, I think. They cannot build normal societies because they have allowed their religion to become twisted. They treat woman like garbage, treat servants like garbage and treat the world like garbage. And then they get angry about us and try to blame us for their shortcomings and problems. Our war is with Muslims not terrorists and we will continue to have conflict with these twisted religious fanatics until they come to realize that they are the ones that have to adapt.


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