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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Huge Terror Plot Thwarted In Britain...

Just heard on Fox News that a large terror plot involving plans to blow-up 20 jetliners [all 747s and 777s] crossing the Atlantic to the US has been thwarted. A plot of this type, would have cost upwards of 4,000 lives, and US$ 20 billion in direct damage. A plane crash is expected to directly cost about $1 billion each including huge lawyer fees, the cost of the plane itself, compensation to passengers that is limited to $75,000 under the Montreal Protocol but that can be significantly higher if carrier negligence can be proved and assundry expenses associated with this kind of tragic event. Obviously, the indirect costs can be a multiple of the direct costs and the ultimate goal of terrorizing people to worry about death or maiming in the most innocuous of everyday activities.

Of course, one does not have to guess what the religion of the arrested potential perpetrators are. Not identified in the writings that I scanned so far...
Police arrested a number of people overnight in London after a covert counter-terrorist operation lasting several months, police said in a statement.
Fox News said that there were at least a dozen people arrested overnight, most believed to be Pakistanis. Of course, almost all of the Pakistanis living in Britain are MUSLIM. So are these Muslim terrorists or are they just a bunch of deranged individuals that happen to be Muslim? Chances are, that we will find, buried in the politically correct press, that ALL of the people arrested and planning the plot to bomb planes ARE ALL MUSLIMS.

Europe will be the front on fighting the Muslims that are prompted through their bloodthirsty religion to kill and maim innocent civilians through heinous and barbaric methods. Until we all realize that we have a problem with these insane people, we will never be able to protect ourselves from these fanatics.
Even the most friendly and innocuous neighbor that happens to be Muslim may be, in fact, a crazed Muslim terrorist.


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