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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In Case You May Be Wondering....

The UN have never bothered to define terrorism so all their "counter-terrorism" and "counter-terrorism conventions" have no meaning what-so-ever. The term terrorism is left up to the country to decide so that one man's terrorism is another man's freedom fighter.
A former member of the now-defunct, outspoken U.N. counterterrorism-monitoring group, Victor Comras, explained to me in a phone interview last week that achieving a serious international definition of terrorism is a "huge issue." Once an objective criterion for terrorism exists, said Comras, "At least you have the foundation for asking that concrete actions be taken."

Without that definition, as Comras wrote this past March, "countries remain free to define for themselves which groups are terrorists and which are 'freedom fighters.'" Comras observed that "Saudi Arabia uses this distinction, for example, to get away with funding Hamas, while Iran and Syria use it to provide funds and support to Hezbollah." Beyond that, he noted, "Many other countries have also used it to avoid taking steps to freeze funds or take other civil or criminal action against those individuals or groups which they support."
So what is the UN supposed to be doing? If a group blows up civilians on a bus, the UN is unable to define what this group is even if its express intent is to destroy one of the member countries of the UN. Al Qaeda is therefore not defined as a terrorist organization according tot eh UN.

Why do we waste our time and money with the UN. Its silliness.


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