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Saturday, August 12, 2006

They Have Already Won....

I have read this 'They have already won' meme over-and-over in both news articles and on numerous blogs that even though the terrorists that were caught in Britain were unable to complete their mission, that they have already won.

I have to disagree with this from many different angles since I think that this attitude portrays a serious lack of understanding and perspective.

Since there was chaos at the airports while travelers are forced to adjust to new security measures, some argue that the terrorists have achieved their goals and have won. First, their goal isn't TO INCONVENIENCE US but to KILL US. I don't think that in al Qaeda's charter that their stated goal is to 'inconvenience western travelers as much as we can.' They did not achieve their goal of destroying Western civilization and reintroducing the Muslim caliphate. I do not even think that they have even taken a tiny step in that direction unless one thinks that being restricted on carry-on luggage can be construed as or is a harbinger of the destruction of Western civilization. I argue that it will take quite a bit more to destroy us.

Also, there is a lack of perspective. We are at war with a brutal and barbaric foe that wants to kill and destroy our way of life. A war sometimes involves sacrifices and most of the time more than just inconvenience but true sacrifices. Some realize this, but others have insulated themselves from it. These people are now coming to the hard cold truth that this fight may be more encompassing and difficult than they originality were dreaming. Welcome back to the real world. The laziness that one has become accustomed to just won't last and was an indulgence that we may not be able to aford anymore. It will be a long difficult fight.

These people that were in a state of denial before are now being forced to face what they haven't had to face before and that is that we are having and will continue to have to slug-it-out with our bloodthirsty Muslim foes. I guess that some people are so soft, that even these minor inconveniences is a gigantic sacrifice for them.

I knew about a dozen people that died in the 9-11 attacks and a few down in the Bali nightclub bombings. These are not isolated incidents but a pattern of brutal killing that is being repeated over-and-over again. I do not think that these incidents indicate that the Islamists are being successful at beating Western civilization or will be unless the softees desire to appease the unappeasable Muslims killers. We could surrender to them now and then you will see a huge change in our lives! I think that our way of life, our children, our families and communities are worth fighting for and preserving, so a little bit of inconvenience does not bother me one little bit.


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