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Milton J. Madison - An American Refugee Now Living in China, Where Liberty is Ascending

Federalism, Free Markets and the Liberty To Let One's Mind Wander. I Am Very Worried About the Fate of Liberty in the USA, Where Government is Taking people's Lives ____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue." -Barry Goldwater-

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ha Ha Ha...

I love reading liberal's material like here and here and here. The argument that Bill Clinton did all right and George Bush did all wrong is just not just silly, it is encrusted with conspiracy and deep illogic. I cannot argue against illogic nor the childish conspiracy theories that run deep through the Democratic parties mainstream. That is why I never argue with these people anymore. I just read this stuff and laugh. Good luck with your next election, with this kind of material you guys will continue to lose elections. How about a positive vision for the future one day? A utopian return to Clintonomics under the tutelage of Hillary?


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