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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How To Drive Liberals Crazy....

Edition number 3,148. Read it and weep, or seethe if you are a DemNOcrat....
Former President Bill Clinton, never one to let truth stand in the way of a good line, has decided to reincarnate himself as our tough, anti-terror President. The man who ran away from military service and displayed striking contempt for our armed forces has now announced that he did more - and would do more - to combat Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda than anyone else. In his view, he should be recognized as the best man to fight that enemy.
I was also actually quite surprised at Clinton's continuation of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" image continuously being cast about. Conspiracy theories and all the baggage that they carry are a difficult task for a former President to carry-off and Clinton didn't handle this well. I usually see conspiracy theories from those that don't bother to try to use their intellect or to see the facts staring them straight in their face.

As far as I am concerned, Clinton is most concerned about Clinton. Any challenges that we faced as Americans and what successes we created are measured in the Clintonista world as to how HE looks as compared to these things. The defense of the nation is not about who looks better, did more, was astute at recognizing the risks, but what we need to do going forward to improve. That is not how Clinton see it through his little Clinton prism.

Too bad. He could be remembered as a great President but with behavior like this, the future will not look at him as well....
Talk and compromise - not clear moral principles and the will to do whatever is needed to support them - were the hallmarks of the Clinton Administration, reflecting the person at the top. Nothing Clinton says now can change that, though he still evinces conviction that he can talk us into anything - just as he thought he could when he denied point blank having had anything to do with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton always has been the one who, caught in a compromising position, would disarmingly ask, as the parody has it, "what are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" His instinct for lying, even under oath, earned him the second presidential impeachment in American history.
Clinton, a former President or just a mis-cast used car salesman?


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