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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Investors Daily Editorial And The Worthless Bloviating Of The New York Times....

More reflection on what Pope Benedict had to say...
Religion: Benedict XIV takes a swipe at the idea of holy war and says reason need not be divorced from faith. That's cause for reflection, not Islamic outrage.

To judge from the angry reaction of some Muslim religious leaders, the pope really touched a nerve with his Tuesday address at Germany's University of Regensburg.

Turkey's top religious official called Benedict's word's "abhorrent, hostile and prejudiced." Senior Islamic officials in Kuwait demanded an immediate apology. In what may the ultimate excoriation, the head of a Pakistani Islamist party accused the pontiff of making "Bushlike statements."
Got to love the "Bushlike statements" wisecrack.

I think that the Pope is doing us all a huge favor. Someone has to start engaging Islam and their penchant to react to even slight adversity, aggressively and violently. And Muslim defenders have to dig way back, 1,000 years, to the Crusades to slap back at Christians, that went through centuries of reformation. Islam has a lot of explaining to do for their violence and it appears as if leaders are just not up to the task of dealing with Islam in the modern world. Ergo, the over-top-reactions.

However, the New York Times wants to appease and surrender to the Muslim fanatics. They fear the Muslims since the Muslims deal in death. The NYT's has no problem giving Christians a difficult time though, since they know that we will turn the other cheek and won't riot in the street, kill each other, burn embassies and generally go wild. But the feckless newspaper misses the whole point of what the Pontiff had to say, and that is there is no place for religious violence in this world... he believes and I agree with him, that violence in the name of God is irrational and God cannot be anything but rational so forced conversions and killing in his name is not something that he would desire.

And I thought that this sums it up pretty well...
It looks, from this miserable episode, as if you can only have a conversation that deals – however remotely – with Islam on Muslim terms. Not much of a dialogue, then.
Muslims are just not partners with the rest of humanity in today's world. We have to recognize that and hopefully one day they will too.


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