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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Banning Muslims....

Seems as if Filipinos are figuring out the Muslims just can't be trusted so they are being banned from working in malls due to the risk of bombings...
Filipino Muslims are 'basically' banned by multi-millionaire shopping mall owners from working in their firms in the southern island of Mindanao for fear they might be used by al-Qaeda affiliated militants in launching terror attacks, members of the Islamic community have denounced. Michael Abellanosa, 24, who works for the 'Premier' shopping centre in Mindanao's Koronadal town, told AdnKronos International (AKI) that his company is afraid to hire Muslim workers for security reason.
This is probably not a good thing. This will further alienate those that aren't frothing at the mouth Muslims, but it seems that due to the risks, Filipinos just don't want to take the risks. I don't want to go into shopping malls where there are Muslims either.

Also, just as a note, it is OK for a Muslim to lie to a non-believer for the 'greater good' and is considered holy and blessed work. Greater good generally means to the benefit of the Muslim world.
Al-Takeyya is a policy whereby a Muslim may lie, deceive or omit critical truths if it promotes the spreading of Islam AND the conquest of the non-Muslim world. According to William P. Welty, Ph.D., al-Takeyya/Taqiyya is:

"The Islamic principle of lying for the sake of Allah. Falsehoods told to prevent denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned by the Qur'an, including lying under penalty of perjury in testimony before the United States Congress, lying or making distorted statements to the media such as claiming that Islam is a religion of peace and deceiving fellow Muslims when the one lying has deemed them to be apostates."


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