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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Media Reports, You Decide.....

Al Gore has a problem with the balanced reporting going on in the press on global warming. He thinks that balance in reporting is actually bias...
"I believe that is one of the principal reasons why political leaders around the world have not yet taken action," Gore said. "There are many reasons, but one of the principal reasons in my view is more than half of the mainstream media have rejected the scientific consensus implicitly — and I say 'rejected,' perhaps it's the wrong word. They have failed to report that it is the consensus and instead have chosen … balance as bias."
See, here we have another Democrat expecting the press to report whatever they say as the absolute. I guess that Democrats are so used to the press doing their work for them, that Gore is shocked that they don't do it all the time for everything. The Democrat's basic philosophy is two fold:
1. I know what is better for you than you do.

2. I know what the proper solution is, government intervention, where one solution is formulated and that is the only path forward and all other solutions are crowded out.
I think that by reporting the facts and letting us decide is what the role of the press is. Their job is not to be an advocate of a position but also question the "scientific" evidence even if it appears to be overwhelming. Just like the vigorous defense of clearly guilty criminals in the American judicial system, the objective is to ensure that every opportunity is taken to gather and analyze evidence supporting a position. Not just for global warming but for everything. Unfortunately, as of late, the press has largely been a shill for leftist positions and the Democrats. I welcome them returning to their role as reporting the news instead of advocating positions.


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