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Friday, August 31, 2007

The New York Times Makes The World A Stupider Place....

If I had my brain surgically removed, I would become a Democrat, be as smart as Chuck Schumer, read the New York Times newspaper and may even then be qualified to write editorials for the non-longer esteemed paper of record, the New York Times.

In a mystifying editorial, the brain dead New York Times editorial staff enter the anti-matter universe where black is white and Chinese officials are honest and never takes bribes and where diplomats do their jobs by just negotiating without the threat of adverse impact or military intervention. As the brainless and bloviating New York Times editorial writers bleat....
French President Nicolas Sarkozy made the wrong gesture at the wrong time by brandishing the possible use of force against Iran’s nuclear weapons program in his first major foreign policy address. The United States and its allies need to be stepping up their efforts to resolve the serious dangers posed by Iran through comprehensive negotiations and increased international economic pressure, not by talking about military action.

Mr. Sarkozy, who has previously said that France would not join Washington in military action against Iran, did not exactly endorse an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities in Monday’s speech. He asserted that a nuclear-armed Iran would be “unacceptable” and reaffirmed support for the ongoing diplomatic initiative by the United States, France and other world powers.
I stand up and clap. Finally, the French are recognizing that these crazy Muslims ARE a threat and 5 years of toothless European negotiating has achieved...... ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY FUCKING NOTHING with the crazies in Iran. So the New York Times want to do what? Continue to negotiate? Why? Has it worked so far? Do they cite even a shred of hope that after all of these years that limpwristed European negotiation has even achieved one little bit of progress and that the weak economic sanctions in place have even the tiniest shred of hope to even have the smallest impact on the Iranian crazies? I do not see it. So the French, the pacifist French have now lost patience with the Iranians.

The editorial writers at the NYT are nothing but a bunch of toothless appeasers and are relying upon that the HOPE but obviously not a prayer -since no one at the NYT would ever believed in God- that the crazy Muslims in the middle east will suddenly come to their senses and decide to all become all nice with the great Satan.

Why does anyone even waste a moment of their time reading such drivel? I wonder myself why I bother. The New York times make the world a stupider place.


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