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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Welcome Back To School In Israel......

The impoverished Palestinian people are welcoming Israeli school children back to school by firing rockets at them from the Gaza strip. After Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians and therefore to the crazies that run that group of people, they have proven that they are devoid of a moral compass. They elected the killers, Hamas January 2006, proving that they just aren't normal life loving humans. The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Maybe its just that Muslims are animals and their cult religion does not teach them how to get along with others.
On Monday, seven rockets were fired from Gaza, with one exploding near a nursery school in the southern town of Sderot which has borne the brunt of the attacks.
Of course, Hamas and their core Muslim death cult leaders, want to kill Israelis and their own people if that serves their own narrow purposes, whatever that is. So when crazies fire random bombs into Israel's territory, Palestinians and their elected government of Hamas does not try to end this idiotic atrocity.

So Israel, of course, has to consider what their response should be, if anything. Should they tit-for-tat fire rockets back? Or as they are considering now, cutting electricity and water utilities that they have provided to Palestinians for many years.
Also on Tuesday, Defence Minister Ehud Barak instructed his office to begin studying the impact and feasibility of such measures "with the aim of limiting the rule of Hamas in Gaza," a senior security official told AFP.

Trade and Industry Eli Yishai said Israel should exert growing pressure on the people of Gaza so they in turn pressurise those launching rockets.

"We should make it clear to the population that firing rockets against Sderot in fact damages the Palestinians. If the rocket launchers are not bothered by pressure from the outside, they should worry about inside pressure," Yishai said.
I, for one, do not feel sorry one little bit for the Palestinians. Some may argue that they are a victim of Israel or a world that have dealt them a bad hand gong back to to the Balfour Declaration. However, they have been given the opportunity to make something for themselves and what do they do? Kill each other, foment civil war and fire rockets in Israel. The only thing that the Palestinians know how to do and is to kill an maim. These people are animals and once the world realizes this, we can move forward with putting these animals into the cages that they deserve to be in.


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