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Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama Taking Bold Steps....

After the attack from Clinton surrogates accusing him of being a Muslim as indicated by his Muslim middle name, Hussein, and the more recent controversy surrounding his affiliation with a Black church that appears to be in the confrontational and racial mold as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton typify, Obama is trying to put these problems behind him by converting to Judism....
"I am converting to Judaism, effective immediately," Mr. Obama told reporters at a press conference in Scarsdale, New York, adding that he would change his middle name from "Hussein" to "Murray."

Buzz up!on Yahoo!As a sign of commitment to his new faith, the Illinois Senator said that he anticipated being Bar Mitzvahed sometime between now and the crucial Pennsylvania primary and that he would no longer campaign on Saturdays.
Is Obama collapsing like the 5th largest US investment bank, Bear Stearns did the past few days? Bear Stearns and other investment banks, that trade securities and typically hold many of them for their own account as inventory for sale and for profit, collapsed after market participants were no longer willing to fund these unknown positions. Its no secret that these securities cannot be sold, sometimes at any price and the investment bank had to seized by the Federal Reserve to effect an orderly unwinding of positions.

So is Obama now going through a crisis of confidence with the electorate? So many had hope for this man and his promise of "change" despite this being as nebulous a portfolio of promises and of little value to a country that needs solid decisive leadership.

Too bad too. It appeared as if this fellow verged on transcending the incendiary topic of race as Tiger Woods has since the later focused on his golf and not his mixed racial background as being the important to himself and his fans. The problem with the angry Black populace in the US is that they have been unable to put things behind them and get on with living life. Their failures are blamed on others and responsibility is a idea that is only vapors supported by spineless liberals. Good luck, I actually like the guy but would never vote for a what i think is a socialist.


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