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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Typical Northeast Liberalism....

Northeast liberal taking shots at Southern christian conservatives with one of the most politically snobama pieces since the snobama comments, here. "Just another Newsweek liberal lunatic.

You see, Southern racist attitudes were by design as explained by the deranged liberal commentator....
This region was heavily settled by Scots-Irish immigrants--the same ethnic mix King James I sent to Northern Ireland to clear out the native Celtic Catholics. After succeeding at that, they then settled the American Frontier, suffering Indian raids and fighting for their lives every step of the way. And the Southern frontiersmen never got over their hatred of the East Coast elites and a belief in the morality and nobility of defying them. Their champion was the Indian-fighter Andrew Jackson. The outcome was that a substantial portion of the new nation developed, over many generations, a rather savage, unsophisticated set of mores. Traditionally, it has been balanced by a more diplomatic, communitarian Yankee sensibility from the Northeast and upper Midwest. But that latter sensibility has been losing ground in population numbers--and cultural weight.
I disagree with most of what this clown says. To argue that Northeastern liberal thought is sensible is absurd. Northeast liberalism is nothing like it was in the past. It is angry and violent. Heros such as weather underground terrorist Bill Ayers is a prime example of what is wrong with Northeast liberalism. Northeast liberalism also assumes that they are smarter and better informed than others and as this writer claims, diplomatic and 'Yankee sensibility.' This is the kind of thought that I always argue against. Northeastern liberalism isn't more sensible. Its an opinion. At the core of its beliefs is that it knows better what is good for you than you do and that it needs to protect you from yourself. A person that has a PHD and is the world's leading expert in artistic designs of pygmy penis sheaths, may not also be an expert in how to solve all of today's problems. But the PHD doesn't see it that way.

If it is true that Southern sensibilities have claimed the core of the American persona, then I think that this is a good thing.


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