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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Just Have To Cut And Paste This Letter.....

From a blog that I regualry read on economics. I usually do not cut and paste political or economic commentary without my own material, but I found this very funny and thought provoking....
Let's get this straight. Hillary Clinton now complains that she's a victim of sexism ("Sen. Clinton Discusses 'Sexist' Treatment," video at Washingtonpost.com, May 20). Forget that she graduated from Wellesley and Yale – that she handily won two terms to the U.S. Senate – that she earned millions of dollars during her adult lifetime – and, most relevantly in this case, that she gathered many more Democratic primary votes than did John Edwards, Joe Biden, and other middle-aged white guys running for this year's Democratic nomination.

Instead, focus on this fact: If Mrs. Clinton's failure to win her party's nomination is due to sexism, surely her claim that she's the strongest candidate to run against John McCain is mistaken on its face - unless it's the case that Democrats are more sexist than are American voters overall.

Donald J. Boudreaux
So, if there is sexism, then she can't possibly expect to win the general election... unless, of course, its only sexism within the Democrats. Hahaha. Of course this is the perfect storm for Democrats. If Clinton loses the primary, then its sexism. If Obama loses, then its racism. Just the contest itself creates a whole new swath of sexism/racism victims. Of course, Democrat's reason for being is an argument that promote equality. Of course, both of these candidates cannot win. So, with all of this identity Democrat populism politics, they will not be able to please all the people all of the time!


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