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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Today's Iraq....

One would never know that there was still a war going on in Iraq given the lack of press coverage given to the conflict. Its kind of like the mainstream media's unwillingness to cover John Edward's love child/dalliance; its inconvenient to do so when one is carrying water for the Democrats. However, I looked today and so far this month, there have been 9 soldiers deaths. This is quite high given that there is not the level of conflict. With a slightly close look at the numbers (see them here) one can see that of the 9 military deaths, 7 of them were non-combat related while 2 involved IEDs. What is with that? Why are there so many non-combat deaths, particularly vehicle related? Is it that now that we have all these really heavy armoured vehicles, that these are more prone to accidents? One would never know since the press is only interested in carrying water for the Democratic party and their causes.


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