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Monday, September 08, 2008

In Praise Of Juan Williams...

I have to agree with this from right-of-center blog, Powerline....
Next, Juan Williams of Fox News. Juan is a Democrat and a liberal, although there are many areas where we would find common ground. More important, by all accounts he is a good guy. My wife ran into him on the beach in Florida a couple of years ago and confirmed this impression. (If you haven't noticed, personal qualities go a long way with me. As I've said before, the personal is not political.) Williams has participated in Fox News's coverage of the rise of Barack Obama, and he has been open about how much Obama's candidacy means to him as an African American. At the same time, he has made a sincere effort to put his own feelings to the side and comment fairly and objectively on the Presidential campaign. He has, at times, been sharp in his criticism of Obama and his campaign. I've never seen a better example of a journalist who acknowledges his own perspective while at the same time, trying his hardest to give viewers a fair and objective commentary. I tip my hat to him.
When one that sees him on Fox his honest commentary is both insightful and fair. Also, Juan was a supporter and confident of Clarence Williams during his difficult and trying Supreme Court confirmation hearings according to his autobiography.


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