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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Liberal Media.....

The media has been so in the tank for The One, the Obamessiah, that as Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell said, the fawning coverage has been 'embarrassing.' So all of the 'professionals' in the media that feed BHO softball questions have decided to play hardball with a candidate...
In 72 hours, the media has subjected Bristol Palin to more scrutiny than they've given to Barack Obama in two years.
The media's sycophantic Democrats dressed up as journalists are finally being tough, that is being tough on a 17-year old pregnant daughter of -how dare they Republicans nominate a woman to be Vice-President when WE are the parity of racial and gender diversity- Sarah Palin. Of course, when whispers about love lips Liberal John Edwards, who actually was running for the nomination against the One, were going on, the media had absolutely no interest what-so-ever in pursuing this story. Why is that?

I have been hyper-critical of the left-leaning American press for well over a decade. They have destroyed their objectivity and are no longer a trusted source of objective reporting and news.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger Wan Ker-Sin said...

C'mon! Be fair Glenzo.

McCain has invited troubles on his own accord. No need to defend the clown anymore.

And yep, I (used to) be a Republican.

Sarah Palin! Duh!


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Wan Ker-Sin said...

I can very well understand why your usual rhetoric (defending the Republicans) seems to have died down lately (post Palin issues - and not just her pregnant daughter).

I can also understand why you have not approved my previous comment here (though, it is a folly on my part to think you have already read that. As you could have been busy and have not read it yet. Forgive me if that's the case).

But as one (ex) Republican to another, I want to say this:

"Given the lesser of the evils, I would rather vote for Obama than the pair of clowns aka McCain and Palin."

And yes, I still hate Obama and all of that gang. You want to suggest a 12th hour choice?


PS: In case you didn't know, Wan Ker-sin and Nude King are one and the same person. Ciao!

At 10:06 PM, Blogger glenzo said...

A vote for Obama is a vote for absurdity. If you do not like the choices, vote for the Dali freekin Lama. McCain is not my kind of conservative, but that doesn't mean that one loses their mind and votes for a totally empty suit.

Besides, if the Devil was running against a Democrat, since I would never vote for a Democrat, I would vote for the Devil.

Nuke King, Wan Ker-sin.... what are you talking about? Iran? Sauvignon Blanc at dinner tonight so maybe I do not make much sense.


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