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Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Dare He Question The One....

Poor Joe the Plumber. A man that is considering purchasing a plumbing business that presumably would require him to borrow money and incur some risk, asked a question of the Obamessiah. It amazing that it has taken this long for anyone to ask a single tough question. Liberals and the Press are stunned that someone is actually concerned about the Messiah's tax policies. The fawning press has essentially been allowing the Obamessiah to avoid any tough questions and this guy is probably the most under-vetted presidential candidate in modern history. What about him being the product of a corrupt Chicago political establishment? How about the cheap land deal with the local criminal Tony Rezko? Does anyone really think that a tax cut for 95% of American is reasonable when the bottom 50% of American taxpayers only pay 3% of total Federal personal income taxes? Populist Utopian income redistribution is just a ploy to buy votes. I am sure that typical American's do not believe this BS for a nano-second. But it goes almost undiscussed in the main-stream Liberal press and hardly anyone looks at the what the haeck this means. Really, what the Obamessiah is actually offering as tax cuts are rebate checks, increase distribution of things like food stamps and other government giveaways and calling them as tax cuts. Its a crap plan and the press is just fawning over the messiah instead of looking at what these things actually mean.

I will make a prediction right here. If The One is elected, very few people will be happy about the taxes that they pay. And the hallowed middle class will be burdened not by the promised tax cuts but by much higher taxes 'for their own good.'

But anyone that asks a tough question of the The One before his ascension to the throne of President, must be eliminated, slimed and ruined...
As Ed Morrissey describes what we've learned from this revealing episode,

1. Thou shalt not offend The One by asking him a question. Of any kind.
2. Anyone who questions The One will have to undergo a public pillorying of a kind unseen since the Red Scare, or perhaps the Inquisition.
3. The Tanning-Bed Media will happily participate in any inquisition, as long as it keeps them from investigating irrelevant issues like Obama’s ties to the Chicago Machine, William Ayers, ACORN, or his record on protecting infanticide.
This has been the most amazing Presidential race that I have ever experienced.

But Joe the Plummmer's question is not irrelevant and his imperfections do not take the question off the table. The Press is also embarrassed that a simple man asked a question that they should have asked a long time ago. The Press is worse than worthless these days. They are blocking and tackling for one Presidential candidate over another. It is shameless and hurts us all.


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