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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thought of the day.....

I have the sense that many defenders of an even-more-fully-government-run health care system have a hard time taking this question seriously. But they should. It’s just a fact that much of the world’s medical innovation comes from the U.S. This goes a good way toward explaining with why survival rates for many potentially mortal health problems are highest in the U.S., and also partly explains why U.S. costs are so high. Indeed, that a certain strata of Americans spend so much, often on stuff that makes no difference, also partly explains the high U.S. level of innovation. Profligate U.S. spending on state-of-the-art treatments acts as a subsidy to the health care systems of other countries, who get to free-ride off American innovation and (often “wasteful”) market experimentation.
The relentless march towards Marxism in the US, forces a large swath of the American public to blind themselves from reality. Obamacare and the inevitable drift towards totally socialized healthcare over a short period of time will lead to higher costs and less care available to the average American. But as this and this article argue, not only will costs and outcomes suffer, but innovation and technology will be stifled in the business.

Good luck Americans, you are blindly moving towards communism and it will not work out very well.


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