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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought of the day.....

By John Stossel

It's crazy for a group of mere mortals to try to design 15 percent of the U.S. economy. It's even crazier to do it by August.

I have had to endure a lifetime of blubbering by arrogant, headstrong and fierce people that argue for a government takeover of healthcare. It just happens that it won't impact them one little bit since they already have their gold-plated health plans and will be able to draw their benefits today unimpeded but it will gravely affect many others that will have to depend upon some yet to be designed government plan tomorrow. This abomination will be their legacy.

Many people will suffer and we can thank these pricks for their arrogance as this thought argues....
most people are oblivious to F.A. Hayek's insight that the critical information needed to run an economy -- or even 15 percent of one -- doesn't exist in any one place where it is accessible to central planners. Instead, it is scattered piecemeal among millions of people. All those people put together are far wiser and better informed than Congress could ever be. Only markets -- private property, free exchange and the price system -- can put this knowledge at the disposal of entrepreneurs and consumers, ensuring the system will serve the people and not just the political class.


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