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Friday, September 25, 2009

Iran is a disgrace, and we give them a podium to spew their particular brand of religious based hate.......

The Iranian madman, Ahmadinejad, spoke at the UN yesterday. Nice that they give these clowns a forum for their unique brand of hate. These are some of the wonderful things he has said in the past.....
“As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,”

“Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury,”

“Iran is ready to transfer nuclear know-how to the
Islamic countries due to their need.”

“There is no doubt that the new wave (of attacks) in Palestine will wipe off this stigma (Israel) from the face of the Islamic world, ... The World without Zionism.”

“As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,”

“The fighting in Palestine is a war between the (whole) Islamic nation and the world of arrogance, ... Today, Palestinians are representing the Islamic nation against arrogance.”

"The pretext (Holocaust) for the creation of the Zionist regime (Israel) is false ... It is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim,"

"Confronting the Zionist regime (Israel) is a national and religious duty."

"This regime (Israel) will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it ... This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end,"
And of course this kind of behavior should be recognized for what is is....
A speech was given at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday that was full of hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric. It was a shameful display before a body whose very charter is premised on the need for co-operation and harmony in pursuit of peaceful co-existence between nations. Such talk was especially abhorrent coming as it did during the Jewish High Holidays. The world community must speak with one voice in declaring anti-Semitism and all forms of intolerance and racism utterly unacceptable. There is no place in the community of peace-loving nations for those who traffic in hate or deny the terrible atrocity of the Nazi Holocaust.

-Sarah Palin-
I am glad that the Israeli PM was allowed a chance to rebut the crazy Iranians. I used to not be a fan of Netanyahu, since I thought that he was unnecessarily brutal but have come to respect his views and support them.

One should listen to all 4 parts of the Israeli Prime Minister's speech and rebuttal to the Iranian madman....


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