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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another 419 scam?

Dear Potential Partner,

My name is Mr. Barry Huckster Obama, the President of the United States of America. I got your contact address in my search for a capable, reliable and trustworthy individual that will assist me secure my nation's healthcare future.

During the current war against the radical right and unpatriotic protesters we are seeking individuals that can assist us in collecting vast sums of money. As proof that we can actually execute on this plan we secured $787 billion ($787,000,000,000) in funds for various silly and useless projects across the nation including the creatively named cash-for-clunkers program. We are now seeking those that can assist us in tackling a multi-trillion dollar takeover of the American healthcare system.

We seek an trusted individual like you that we can trust in transferring the multi-trillion dollars in funds from the individual in the United States to us in the amount of the sum of US$2.9 Trillion (Twenty Nine Million Million United States Dollars or whatever) per decade. Proceeds come from various sources including; directly taxing people, reducing elderly benefits, a whacky cap-and-trade energy tax plan, forcing younger healthy people to buy expensive healthcare plans that they do not need, taxing such ubiquitous items such of soda pop and potato chips, the sky is the limit to create sources of funds.

This program is completely without risk and is completely guaranteed.

However, due to resistance from everyday normal Americans I have decided to contact you so that you will assist me to move this money out of the United States Treasury and the common people's pocketbooks into my unaccountable hands. I am not presently allowed to operate any bank account for this endeavor so I seek your assistance on this.

We have agreed to offer you 10% of the total sum for your assistance (or $290 billion per decade), 5% will be mapped out for any expenses that may actually be incurred in the course of providing this healthcare benefit to ordinary Americans for this transaction and 85% will be for those others such as bureaucrats to administer this deal, large corporations that expect to receive a huge benefit out of this in return for their support, unions without whom I would never had become President and expect to receive gigantic returns and benefits, multitudes of others connected to me and you, my trusted associate.

Please dear, this is the reason I am contacting you as to play the role of my partner. Help me and I will never forget you as long as this life is concerned.

Since I got this address, its true that I did not know you in person, I don’t know why I have such interest in you. I still thank God because I will like to have you as my ever partner in life, when I come to you for your invaluable assistance.

I, Barry, have much to discuss with you but it will be when I get your response. reply me on this address: flag@whitehouse.gov for more details and modalities of this business.

Thanks and God bless.


Barry Huckster Obama

Please provide me with the following information in order for you to receive your undeserved compensation:
Your full name:_______________
Your Social Security number:________________
Your bank account numbers:_______________
Your address:_______________


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