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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Solution to global warming.....depopulate the earth?

Maybe I am being a little reactionary, but as I have seen, global warming hysteria basically give liberals an excuse for all kinds of opportunities to meddle into the lives of people. As this UN clown explains, poorer countries need to create less people since the addition of these people supposedly has a negative impact on the climate....
CONTRACEPTION advice is crucial to poor countries' battle with climate change, and policy makers are failing their people if they continue to shy away from the issue, a leading family planning expert said.

Leo Bryant, a lead researcher on a World Health Organisation study on population growth and climate change, said the stigma attached to birth control in both developing and developed countries was hindering vital progress.

"We are certainly not advocating that governments should start telling people how many children they can have," said Mr Bryant, an advocacy manager at the family planning group Marie Stopes International, who wrote a commentary in the Lancet medical journal.

Mr Bryant said 200 million women across the world want contraceptives, but cannot get them.
From here. Hysterical global warming adherents are nothing more than misguided Malthudians. Certainly, liberals and neo-Marxists would never tell people what to think or how to behave, yea right. Global warming hysteria will eventually lead these neo-Marxisits to try to do all kinds of idiotic things. How about genocide? If we execute a billion or so people, won't that help global warming? What a great idea. If we completely eliminate all human life then the planet can return to some other natural state or steady state without humans. And what the heck will that achieve?


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