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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thailand: Will It Be Civil War?

If it smells like war, tastes like and sounds like war, then its war. Thailand seems to be descending into chaos as it becomes impossible for the 'Red Shirts' to back down from their demands and the physical encampments that they have set up in central Bangkok....
Bangkok is 10 weeks and more than 60 deaths into a stand-off between the military-backed government and a faction of self-proclaimed "commoners" -- the Red Shirts -- that insists the ruling party must fall.

In recent days, the army has resorted to picking off protesters (the top brass calls them "terrorists") with sniper rifles from afar. But the Red Shirts have defended their encampment: two-square miles of Bangkok's priciest real estate, fortified with concertina wire and bamboo staves.

As Bangkok slips further into chaos, it's unclear if even the Red Shirt guiding statesmen can turn back the legions of Thai men (and some women) wading into near suicidal combat.
The amazing thing about this conflict and others that are taking place around the world like those protests in Greece, is that no one can blame them on the United States.

Thailand: Will It Be Civil War? - International - The Atlantic


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