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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Atlantis » Environmentalism as Religion

There is an apt description for these people, it is arrogant pricks.....
The sheer volume of vicious language employed to recast social and cultural trends in terms of their carbon footprint suggests the rise of what Allenby calls a dangerous new “carbon fundamentalism.”

Some observers detect parallels between the ecological movement and the medieval Church. “One could see Greenpeacers as crusaders, with the industrialist cast as the infidel,” writes Richard North in New Scientist. That may be a stretch, but it does seem that this new religion has its share of excommunicated heretics. For example, since daring to challenge environmentalist orthodoxy, Freeman Dyson has discovered himself variously described as “a pompous twit,” “a blowhard,” “a cesspool of misinformation,” and “an old coot riding into the sunset.”
From hyper environmentalism to a desire to depopulate the earth, these Malthusian bozos are just that, clowns.

The New Atlantis » Environmentalism as Religion


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