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Monday, September 13, 2010

ToowoombaNews.com.au - Holy Smoke! QUT Man Tokes On Koran

It is amazing to me, that the recent reaction to the fellow in Florida that wants to burn Korans to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the fanatical attacks on the US on September 11 has been so strong. The response has largely been derision, understandably but who cares what some individual does on private property. Isn't it his right? However, one has to put all of this into context and the problems associated with fanatical Muslims since we did observe the response by Muslims as indicated by the threats, riots and other uncivilized behavior following the Danish cartoon controversy.

Since we can expect that Muslims will respond with violence around the globe, should we adjust our behavior and limit our rights? Should the central government eve be commenting on this nonsense turning nonsense into a global problem? Since they have raised this as a security issue, what would happen if every American or even everyone on the globe take this opportunity to burn a Koran? This fellow does.

We cannot be intimidated by Islam inspired violence particularly since violence seems to be the only thing that Muslims know. We should all desecrate their 'holy' book. What are they going to do, kill us all?

ToowoombaNews.com.au - Holy Smoke! QUT Man Tokes On Koran


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