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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soros: China has better functioning government than U.S. | FP Passport

I have of very strong thoughts on this but the principle one is that Soros must be dealing with a very severe case of demented senility. He is just making another argument for the weak concept of the authoritarian 'benevolent dictator'. This school of thought looks at performance of the dictator in a very limited time frame or limited portfolio of problems without considering the issues associated with being stuck with this dictator well after the strong armed solutions are no longer are needed. Authoritarian governments have 2 big weaknesses; First, they shun or eliminate new ideas and fresh approaches and assign them to prisons, exile or caring for pigs. Even benevolent dictators do not tolerate dissent and this is very true in China today. Second, a nation is stuck with the approach that this dictator uses for solving problems. These are typical ideological solutions and this approach is applied for decades to every problem.

Also, these people do not consider the soft underbelly of authoritarianism and that is manifested in the compromising of individuals rights. I heard testimony from a man from Singapore in my church group that served 7-and-a-half years in Chinese prisons for tax problems that he had nothing to do with. It was basically imprisoning a person to extort money out a large multinational corporation. This just illustrates China's rule by law instead of what we have become accustomed to, 'rule by law.'

I have written about this weakness in the benevolent dictator and its twin brother socialism here and here and here.

Soros: China has better functioning government than U.S. | FP Passport


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God we have a president who understands what real leadership is.


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