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Monday, May 02, 2011

Americans Blame Wasteful Government Spending for Deficit

Most Americans think that the US government deficit is the result of wasteful government spending and not due to taxes that are not high enough. Of course, if someone can get their services, whether wasteful or not, and this is done on the backs of someone else, such as the Democrats mantra to 'tax the rich' then this is preferable. However, as one considers reality instead of the Democrats Utopian world, one comes to the realization that the opiate of higher taxes on a small sliver of society is not realistic and that the pain will ultimately shared by all. Hopefully, people will realize that the government has become a destructive force towards prosperity and has created massive mis-allocations of resources and that this indulgence of waste just has to stop.

Americans Blame Wasteful Government Spending for Deficit


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