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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review and Outlook: Contempt for Hong Kong Law - WSJ.com

Interesting insight....
Since the 1997 handover, Hong Kong's government has suffered from weak leadership and lack of public support, and Mr. Tsang and his masters in Beijing are clearly frustrated at this situation. But by lashing out at those who stymie them, they are in danger of eroding the local culture of respect for the rule of law. Once lost, it will be hard to restore.

One of China's former Politburo members, Li Ruihuan, once expressed this best with a parable. An old clay teapot was particularly prized because it had absorbed the flavor of the tea and so made each brew taste better. An ignorant old woman trying to sell the teapot scoured out the inside, destroying most of its value. To preserve Hong Kong's prosperity, Mr. Li was suggesting, its leaders must look beyond the skyscrapers and respect the system that makes it unique.
Li is a hero. The concept of rule of law is of utmost importance to the liberty that people enjoy here. Those that wish progress directed by self-interested government officials should be held in check by the rul of law that implies that sometimes their monumental projects will delayed or eliminated.

Review and Outlook: Contempt for Hong Kong Law - WSJ.com


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