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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pajamas Media » ATMs and Other Machines are Exempt from ObamaCare

The completely oblivious Obamessiah, that blames ATM teller machines and other automation for the sickly employment during his Marxist administration may have to consider some facts of life. First, when one makes labor more expensive, naturally, a business or an individual can replace labor with other inputs. Second when one raises taxes, the after tax returns fall despite the same amount of risk depressing overall investment. These decisions take place at the margin where the last few decisions flip the other way. But we are dealing with labor vs.machines now....
If you are running a business, you structure it and design your future plans based not only on the world as it is today, but also on what it may look like in the reasonably near future. You must prepare yourself for likely worst-case scenarios. The one relating to employment is that ObamaCare will survive legal and electoral challenges. Facing that possibility, you avoid hiring people. When looking at “man vs. machine” decisions, you choose the machine if it’s at all affordable. You do everything you can to squeeze productivity out of your current crew, even larding on extra duties and overtime if they can handle it.
This is high-school logic. Even 1960's Russian and Chinese economists understood these issues.

Pajamas Media » ATMs and Other Machines are Exempt from ObamaCare


At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of 'people' only work, because its better than going on welfare, or some other understandably short cut to an easy life. An ongoing life mentality for most of us.

A negative feedback system is the imperitive of life and evolution.

They work, not because they are choosing a career or believe they doing something special with their lives.Just being themselves.

Yeah we are all human, but we should from an evolutionary point of view and history, strive to be more than we are, or life's cultural evolution will pass us by.

Life is harsh,essentially we all die, and so do various 'cultures' with time, without being pointed here, unless they get to the base plate on time.

Politically the politicians have to pay lip service and more, to the great unwashed. Ho Ho, not the best system overall, but there is nothing better to espouse, unless there comes about another lauded socrates of human civilisation.

Should the forest be ruled by the rabbits of the world, or the wolves?

Or is there a middle road somewhere, that keeps the sytem working, i doubt it. The pendulum swings, and corrects the essential ingredients of a successful working society. A very long time line, that is only paid attention to, by people of exceptional ablility and intelligence.

Rome burns and the barbarians will have their time, for a while. Ha Ha Ha.

Forgive me, a sad and cynical amusement of comment.


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