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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disunited: Are Our States Moving in Separate Directions? - Ronald Brownstein and Scott Bland - NationalJournal.com

This opinion piece by political writers Ronald Brownstein and Scott Bland delves into the question of polarizing politics impacting the states and their legislative agendas. Who is surprised that in conservatively controlled states that hostile unions are being impacted by legislation that specifically affects them. I surely think that its about time that governors and the legislatures of these states finally take long overdue action.

However, by comparing them to hard left blue states and their inaction and then implying that states are becoming more divided is simple nonsense. As implied in the piece's title, 'moving in separate directions' is what we should have always been expected and encouraged as the states are the true arbitrators of rights. Since Lincoln, we have been centralizing national power and the 150 years since has seen a destructive move towards national decision making and a portfolio of economic policy being largely centrally planned in Washington instead of locally where it would probably be more effective. This kind of single solution problem solving was neither the conceptual framework that the founders considered nor one that is found in successful natural states. As one considers that in nature, Darwinian survival of the fittest, is a central plank of secular hostile to religion Liberal policy it also can be applied to the 50 states as some will be successful in their economic and social interventions and some will not.

I, for one, applaud the states being more independent and I would also applaud and support a breakaway state that loosens the federation and economic directive emanating from an overbearing Washington.

Disunited: Are Our States Moving in Separate Directions? - Ronald Brownstein and Scott Bland - NationalJournal.com


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